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About Charles
An Early Start:

CharlesCharles has been performing his whole life. One of his first credits was in 1968 when he acted in a Ford commercial. Ironically, the commercial was aired when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. Needless to say, the commercial reached millions of viewers.

Active Youth:

Growing up in rural Victoria, BC with the influence of an artistic and active family, Charles enthusiastically approached a variety of activities and interests.

By the age of 7 he had received his first mini-bike, started mountain climbing, repelling and spelunking with his father and spent his summers at his grandfather's ranch learning to ride and train horses. By the age of 12 he began martial arts training and developed his passion for boating two years later.



In 1982, Charles enrolled in the University of Victoria theater program. With Kaz Pezawaski as his mentor, he specialized in movement and stage combat. While in Victoria he landed a major supporting role in the McPherson Playhouse production of the Mouse Trap.


Charles signed his first agent in 1982 in Vancouver and although he set out to become the next Bruce Lee, he soon realized he could never "fill those shoes" and went on to establish an exceptional career in the film industry as one of the top stunt actors, stunt performers and stunt coordinators in the industry.

Charles formed Fast Trax Film Corporation in 1993 and is currently producing several projects.

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