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Charles André -- Resume

Actor, Stunt Actor

Charles Headshot
Height:5' 9 1/2" (177cm)
Weight:155lbs (70kg)
UBCP 465 / Actra V01-03123
Contact: Charles André
Agent: Self-Represented
Phone: 604-377-4790
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Film and Television
Show Title Role Company / Description

(Season 3)
Elderly Gentleman FB2 Films Inc.
Caprica (Episode)
"There is Another Sky"
Rail Thin Man Dick Eick Productions
Courage Sampson/Principal NGN Productions
Angel and the Badman Gunman (stunt actor) NGN Productions
Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon Principal Front Street Pictures
Snakes on a Plane Panicked Passenger Patchwork Productions
The Fog Founding Father Castle Antonio Bay Productions
Rapid Fire Deputy Glen Blackburn/Principal Norco Productions Inc.
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever Principal Feature Films #4 Ltd.
Cold Squad Principal  
Color of Courage Drunken Male/Principal Sipes Film Inc/Lee Rose
Disturbing Behaviour Orderly/Principal Behavioural Problem Prods.
X-Files (6 episodes) Ray Floyd/Principal X-F Prods./J. Whitmore Jr.
Viper Killer/Principal Pet Fly Productions
Dead Man's Gun Principal  
Poltergeist the Legacy Prison Guard PMP Production
Millennium Passenger/Principal FOX
Outer Limits Lead (Evan) Outer Production Inc.
Excess Baggage Principal A First Kiss Production
Lonesome Dove Gill/Guest Lead Can. Dove Prods./Stuart
Gold Rush Drunken Cowboy/Principal  
Nick Fury Guard/Principal  
Smart Alec Principal Dunlevy Pictures Ltd.
Children of the Dust Nez/Principal  
Gold Diggers Rescue Diver/Principal  
Beyond Betrayal Principal  
Mantis Principal Universal/FOX
Miracle on "I" 880 Panicked Business Man/Principal Glen Oak Prod./R. Iscove
Friends To The End Hiker/Principal MOW
Hitman Killer/Principal D. Carmody Prods/A. Norris
Remedy for Murder Principal  
Cold Front Harry/Principal Al Goldstein
Daredevil: The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk Hospital Intern/Principal Bill Bixby
Legends Of The Fall Federal Officer/Principal Tri-Star Productions
Highlander (5 episodes) Principal Goodman/Rosen/T.Wright
Darkman III Principal  
Broken Badges Drug Dealer/Principal Cannell Films/Allen Cooke
21 Jump Street Harry the Biker Cannell Productions
Booker Principal Cannell Productions
Top Of The Hill Principal Cannell Productions
Street Justice (6 episodes) Gay Biker/Principal Cannell Prods/John Smith
The Principal Factor Lead PAY TV
Kids Are All Right Principal Hasburg Films
After The Promise Intern/Principal David Greene
The Accident Principal CBC Production
MacGyver (3 episodes) Principal Paramount Prods.
Screwed Police Officer/Principal  
Black Fox Native Indian/Principal Black Fox Productions
The Commish Jeff Lewis/Principal Cannell Films
The Commish (3 episodes) Officer Lidster/Principal Cannell Films
Double, Double Cyclist/Principal PMP Productions
Adventures Inc. Leo/Principal Spelling Productions
Davey Crockett Zale/Principal Brac Productions
Higher Ground Kayaker/Actor Higher Ground Prods.
Airwolf II Principal Atlantis Sky Flight Prods.
Cool Runnings E. German Bobsleder/Principal  
Cobra (6 episodes) Phelps/Co-Star Cannell Productions
I Spy Principal/Lab Technician  
Aftershock Principal  
Sea Hunt Ships Passenger/Principal Northstar Television Inc.
Big Dogs Principal  
Lies From Lotus Land Principal  
Dark Angel Principal  
Undercover Principal  
Beachcombers (3 episodes) Eddie/Principal CBC Productions


Extensive list available upon request.

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