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Charles André - Resume

Director, Second Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Performer

Charles Headshot
Height:5' 9 1/2" (177cm)
Weight:155lbs (70kg)
Hat:7 1/4
Neck:16 1/2
Printable Resume (PDF)

Show Title Company/Description Producer/PM  

Drivin' on the Ice
In Production
Fast Trax Film Corporation Charles André  
Bee Sting Fast Trax Film Corporation Charles André  
Cob House Lane (Treatment) Fast Trax Film Corporation Charles André  
The Cob House (Documentary) Fast Trax Film Corporation Charles André  

2nd Unit Director
Show Title Company/Description Producer/PM Director/Media

Alien Zero   Jason Metcalfe Jeffery Lando
Watchtower Alliance Atlantis Ted Bowman George Mihalka
Feature Film

Stunt Coordinator Features / MOW
Show Title Company/Description Producer/PM Director

Felling Shadows Felling Shadows Productions Lianne Smith Damian Ambach
Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido Silvio Pollio Entertainment Silvio Pollio Silvio Pollio
Dim Sum Funeral Dim Sum Productions Inc. Jeffrey Lando Anna Chi
The Life Haddock Entertainment Chris Haddock  
Eye See You Universal Pictures Ric Kidney Jim Gillespie
Watchtower Alliance Atlantis Ted Bowman George Mihalka
Head over Heels Universal Pictures
(Half Show)
Robert Simonds
Blair Breard
Mark Waters
Anne M. Simonet
Screwed Robert Simonds Productions David Hauka Scott Alexander/Larry Karaszewski
Savage Island Savage Island Productions Inc. Jeffery Lando
Rachel Lando
Jeffery Lando
Ratz Showtime Networks Inc.
Cover Day
Cydney Bernard
Kim Steer
Thom Eberhardt
Rupert's Land Highwire Entertainment
Fight Coordinator
Bill Thumm/Scott Kennedy Jonathan Tammuz
(aka: Bounty Hunters 2)
Dimension Films Jeffrey Barmash/John Dunning
Shane A. Wilson
George Erschbamer
Excess Baggage Columbia Pictures
Cover Day
Casey Grant
Marco Brambilla
Friends 'Til the End Bonnie Raskin Productions
Cover Day
Bill Scott Jack Bender
Bad Moon Morgan Creek Productions
Cover Day
James G. Robinson
Wendy Williams
Eric Red
Fear Universal Pictures Ric Kidney
Colleen Nystedt
James Foley
John Woo's Once a Thief WCG Entertainment Productions Wendy Grean
John Woo
Titanic Hallmark Entertainment
Cover Day
Harold Tichenor/Rocky Lang
Gordon Mark
Robert Lieberman
Gold Diggers Universal Pictures Various
Gordon Mark
Kevin James Dobson
This Boy's Life Warner Bros.
Fight Coordinator for
Leonardo Dicaprio
Art Linson
Casey Grant
Michael Caton-Jones
Donald Hauer
We're No Angels Paramount Pictures
Assistant Fight Coordinator for
John Scott
Art Linson
Warren Carr
Neil Jordan

Stunt Coordinator TV / Other
Show Title Company / Description Producer / PM Director / Media

Dukes of Hazzard Half-time Show Western Speedway Darrell Midgley Darrell Midgley
The Middleman ABC Family (Pilot) Javier Grillo-Marxuach Jeremiah S. Chechik
Eureka NBC Pilot Patti Allen Peter O'Fallon
Battlestar Galactica Cover Days Ron French TV Series
Night Visions Warner Bros.
3 episodes
Robert Petrovicz
Mathew Chipera
TV Series
The Accident Parthenon Films Inc. Ilan Arboleda John Fletcher
The Spring NBC Studios
James Chory
Ted Bauman
David Jackson
Police Academy Warner Bros.
2nd Unit Stunt Coordinator/
Cover Day
James Margellos
Robert Radler
Freedom Warner Bros.
Cover Day
Simon Abbott TV Series
Mysterious Ways Lions Gate Television
Full Season
Carl Binder/Peter O'Fallon
Jonathen Goodwell
TV Series
Andromeda Tribune Entertainment
3 episodes
Sherry Gorval Various
TV Series
Atomic Train NBC
Michael R. Joyce
Barbara Kelly
David Jackson/Dick Lowry
Mini Series
Beggars and Choosers Showtime Network Inc.
Season I
Patti Allen
TV Series
Da Vinci's Inquest Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - 5 1/2 Seasons Chris Haddock
Monty Bannister
Dead Man's Gun MGM Television
Cover Days
Larry Sugar
Linda Guns/Tracy Traeger
TV Series
Viper Pet Fly Productions
Cover Days
Scott Maitland
TV Series
Nightman Tribune Entertainment
Cover Day
Scott Harper
Poltergeist, The Legacy Showtime Networks Inc.
Cover Days
TV Series
The X-Files 20th Century Fox Television
Cover Days
Chris Carter Various
TV Series

Stunt Performer Features
Show Title Company / Description Role   Stunt Coordinator  

Caesar: Rise Of The Apes TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd Stunt Driver Guy Bews/
Mike Mitchell
A-Team TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd.   Owen Walstrom
Farewell Atlantis Farewell Productions Ltd.   John Stoneham Jr.
Rampage Amoc Productions Inc./
Brightlight Pictures
  James Bamford
Tooth Fairy Foxvan Productions Inc.   Guy Bews
Angel and the Badman NGN Productions   Danny Virtue
Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon Front Street Productions   Brett Armstrong
Snakes on a Plane Hannah Rachel Productions   Freddie Hice
Scott Nicholson
The Fog Antonio Bay Productions Founding Father Castle Ken Kirzinger
Eureka      Charles André
The Keeper      E. Jackson
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed     JJ Makaro
Scary Movie 3      Jacob Rupp
X2: X-men United 20th Century Fox   J. Rupp / M. Stubbs
Gary Jensen
House of the Dead     Dean Choi
Trapped Mandalin Entertainment
  Brent Woosley
Along Came a Spider  
  Melissa Stubbs
Head Over Heels Universal Pictures
  E. Jackson
Exit Wounds Silver Pictures
  John Stoneham Jr.
The Sixth Day Phoenix Pictures
  Jacob Rupp
Shanghai Noon Touchstone Pictures
  Brent Woosley
Romeo Must Die Warner Bros.   Melissa Stubbs
Mike Mitchell
Spooky House Spooky House Entertainment   Melissa Stubbs
Lake Placid     Jacob Rupp
   Ken Kirzinger
Futuresport New Star Media
  E. Jackson
Ruperts Land Highwire Entertainment   Mike Langlois
Disturbing Behavior Village Roadshow Pictures   JJ Makaro
Wrongfully Accused Morgan Creek Productions   Guy Bews
Gold Rush Walt Disney Television   Jacob Rupp
Masterminds Columbia Pictures DBL: Patrick Stewart Jacob Rupp
Excess Baggage Columbia Pictures   Betty Thomas
Friends 'Til the End Bonnie Raskin Productions   Ernie F. Orsatti
Fear Universal Pictures   Betty Thomas
Charles André
Jumanji Big Board Prod.   Betty Thomas
Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain     Betty Thomas
Charles André
Black Fox     Tom Eirikson
Last of the Dogmen Carolco Pictures   Guy Bews
Chuck Waters
Gold Diggers Universal Pictures   Betty Thomas
Children of the Dust Vidmark Entertainment   Tom Glass
Legends of the Fall TriStar Pictures   Gary Coombs
Brent Woosley
Darkman II: The Return of Durant     Steve Laseskew
Flinch     JJ Makaro
Cool Runnings Blue Magga Film Inc.   Jacob Rupp
Double, Double, Toil & Trouble Warner Bros. Television   Betty Thomas
This Boy's Life Warner Bros.   Betty Thomas
Alive Paramount Pictures   Gary Hymes
JJ Makaro
The Round Table NBC   Jacob Rupp
Run     Mic Rodgers
Brent Woosley
Street Justice Cannell Productions   Tony Morelli
The Hitman Twilight Motion Picture Seven    Bill Ferguson
Bird on a Wire Universal Pictures   Betty Thomas
Mic Rodgers
Short Time Gladden Entertainment   Jacob Rupp
Conrad Palmisano
The Accident Parthenon Films Inc.    
We're No Angels Paramount Pictures   Various
Cold Front Beacon Group   Bill Ferguson
Stakeout Touchstone Pictures   Conrad Palmisano
Jacob Rupp
After the Promise New Line Cinema    

Stunt Performer TV / Other
Show Title Company / Description Role / Media Stunt Coordinator /  

Masters of Horror   MOW Jim Dunn
Eureka NBC Pilot TV Series Charles André
The L Word   TV Series Rick Pearce
Dead Zone   TV Series David Jacox
Battlestar Galactica   TV Series Mike Mitchell
Smallville   TV Series Tony Morelli
The Survivors Club      
Traffic   Mini Series  
A Wrinkle In Time Dimension Television Mini Series Marny Eng
UC: Undercover 20th Century Televison TV Series E. Jackson
Higher Ground Paramount Television TV Series Bill Ferguson
The Spring NBC Studios MOW Charles André
Dark Angel 20th Century Television
10 Episodes
TV Series Mike Mitchell
Melissa Stubbs
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York     Jim Dunn
Heaven's Fire     Jim Dunn
Jacks   MOW Brent Woosley
Harsh Realm 20th Century Television TV Series Lou Bollo
Tony Morelli
Tourist Trap Walt Disney Television MOW E. Jackson
Nick Fury 20th Century Television MOW JJ Makaro
Yves Cameron
Millennium 20th Century Fox
6 Episodes
TV Series Lou Bollo
White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf     Ken Kirzinger
M.A.N.T.I.S. Fox Network TV Series JJ Makaro
Black Stallion Alliance Communications   Danny Virtue
Outer Limits   TV Series John Wardlow
Cobra Cannell Productions TV Series David Jacox
G. Baxley
The X-Files 20th Century Fox
10 Episodes
TV Series Ken Kirzinger
Miracle on Interstate 880 Columbia Pictures Television TV Series  John Wardlow
Highlander Filmline International TV Series John Wardlow
The Commish ABC Productions
4 Episodes
TV Series Lou Bollo
The Hat Squad Cannell Productions TV Series Gary Coombs
Broken Badges Cannell Productions TV Series Bill Ferguson
Gary Coombs
Neon Rider CTV TV Series Danny Virtue
Booker Cannell Productions TV Series Gary Coombs
John Wardlow
21 Jump Street 20th Century Television TV Series Gary Coombs
John Wardlow
Wiseguy Cannell Productions TV Series Tony Morelli
A Stranger Waits   MOW  
Airwolf II Atlantis Skylight TV Series Bill Ferguson
MacGyver Paramount Pictures TV Series Vince Dedrick Jr.
Danger Bay Sunrise Films TV Series Jacob Rupp
Bill Ferguson
The Beachcombers CBC TV Series Tony Morelli
Jim Dunn

Stunt Coordinator/Performer Commercials
Product Company / Description Role   Stunt Coordinator  

Extensive list of credits - available upon request

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