Charles André

Height: 5′ 9 1/2″ (177cm)

Weight: 155lbs (70kg)

Hair: Brown/Grey

Eyes: Green

Cell: 604-377-4790
UBCP 465 / Actra V01-03123

Contact: Charles André

Agent: Barbara Coultish
Coultish Management

Phone: 250-382-2670


Film and Television

Show Title



DC Legends of Tomorrow
Episode #206 Outlaw County
Stunt Actor – Guard DC Entertainment Berlanti Productions
Marine 5 Road Captain/Principal Marine 5 Films Inc.
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – Dead Men Tell No Tales Pirate – Stunt Actor Disney
Wayward Pines Stunt towns person WWP Productions Inc.
iZombie Mark Shephard (stunt actor) Zombie I Films
Driven Underground Thug Odyssey Media
(Season 3)
Elderly Gentleman FB2 Films Inc.
Caprica (Episode)
“There is Another Sky”
Rail Thin Man Dick Eick Productions
Courage Sampson/Principal NGN Productions
Angel and the Badman Gunman (stunt actor) NGN Productions
Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon Principal Front Street Pictures
Snakes on a Plane Panicked Passenger Patchwork Productions
The Fog Founding Father Castle Antonio Bay Productions
TV Mini-series
Tribesman #7
(stunt actor)
Galway Bay Productions
Rapid Fire Deputy Glen Blackburn
Norco Productions Inc
The Survivors Club
TV Movie
Sheriff Banks Bender Brown Productions, Downey/Todoroff
Productions, Jaffe/Braunstein Films
Peace Makers
TV Series
Gun Man
Pilot Episode
Michael R. Joyce Productions
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever Principal Feature Films #4 Ltd.
Thir13en Ghosts Team Member 13 Ghosts Productions Canada Inc.
Prozac Nation Mugger Prozac Nation Productions Inc.
Cats & Dogs Truck Driver Warner Bros.
Along Came a Spider Diplomatic Patrol Officer Paramount Pictures
3000 Miles to Graceland Big Trucker 3000 Miles Productions
Cold Squad Principal Cold Squad VII Productions
Becoming Dick Dark Haired Man BD Productions
The Sentinel
“Most Wanted”
“Black or White”
Eddie Kolach /
Pet Fly Productions
Color of Courage Drunken Male/Principal Sipes Film Inc/Lee Rose
Disturbing Behaviour Orderly/Principal Behavioural Problem Prods
X-Files (6 episodes) Ray Floyd/Principal X-F Prods./J. Whitmore Jr.
Viper Killer/Principal Pet Fly Productions
Dead Man’s Gun Principal
Poltergeist the Legacy Prison Guard PMP Production
Millennium Passenger/Principal FOX
Masterminds Happy Boy #6 Columbia Pictures Corporation
Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball
Bruno Bounty Films Production Ltd.
Outer Limits Lead (Evan) Outer Production Inc.
Excess Baggage Principal A First Kiss Production
Lonesome Dove Gill/Guest Lead Can. Dove Prods./Stuart
Gold Rush Drunken Cowboy/Principal
Nicky Fury Guard/Principal
Smart Alec Principal Dunlevy Pictures Ltd.
Slam Dunk Earnest
Medic Emshell Producers
Children of the Dust Nez/Principal The Königsberg Company,
Vidmark Entertainment
Gold Diggers Rescue Diver/Principal Bregman/Baer Productions
Beyond Betrayal Principal
Mantis Principal Universal/FOX
Miracle on “I” 880 Panicked Business Man
Glen Oak Prod./R. Iscove
A Killer Among Friends Hiker/Principal MOW
The Hat Squad
TV Series
“92 seconds to Midnight”
Amos Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Blind Man’s Bluff
TV Movie
Bike Rider Wilshire Court Productions
Hitman Killer/Principal D. Carmody Prods/A. Norris
Remedy for Murder Principal
Cold Front Harry/Principal Al Goldstein
Daredevil: The Trial Of The
The Incredible Hulk
Hospital Intern/Principal Bill Bixby
Legends of the Fall Federal Officer/Principal Tri-Star Productions
Highlander (5 episodes) Principal Goodman/Rosen/T. Wright
Timecop Knife #2 Largo Entertainment
Love on the Run
TV Movie
Darkman III Principal
Broken Badges Drug Deal/Principal Cannell Films/Allen Cooke
21 Jump Street Harry The Biker Cannell Productions
Booker Principal Cannell Productions
Top Of The Hill Principal Cannell Productions
Street Justice (6 episodes) Gay Biker/Principal Cannell Prods/John Smith
The Principal Factor Lead PAY TV
Kids Are All Right Principal Hasburg Films
After The Promise Intern/Principal David Greene
The Accident Principal CBC Productions
“Killer with a Smile”
Fergus Riley
MacGyver (4 episodes) Principal Paramount Prods.
Screwed Police Officer/Principal
Black Fox Native Indian/Principal Black Fox Productions
The Commish Jeff Lewis/Principal Cannell Films
The Commish (3 episodes) Office Lidster/Principal Cannell Files
Double, Double Cyclist/Principal PMP Productions
Adventures Inc. Leo/Principal Spelling Productions
Davy Crockett
Season 1, Episode 2
Zale/Principal Brac Productions
High Ground Kayaker/Actor High Ground Prods.
Airwolf II Principal Altantis Sky Flight Prods.
Cool Runnings E. German Bobsleder
Walt Disney Pictures
Cobra (6 episodes) Phelps/Co-Star Cannell Productions
I Spy Principal/Lab Technician
Aftershock Principal
Sea Hunt Ships Passenger/Principal Northstar Television Inc.
Big Dogs Principal
Lies From Lotus Island Principal
Dark Angel Principal
Undercover Principal
Beachcombers (3 episodes) Eddie/Principal


Extensive list of credits available upon request.

Charles André Acting Resume